From the beginning of year 2016, we served our clients to make internet impressions from the scratch. We developed dedicated software solutions and found that everybody have an idea that resolve general problems, but to work on ideas, it needs team of experts.

Therefore we built up the team to serve great expertise that lead it towards developing  a success MVP projects. Which  turns into a great Software as a Service Business.

Let's join the hands together to succeed your idea.

Our Ultimate

Vision & Mission

We are enthusiast to make our customer succeed with their IDEAS, by converting into a Business Viable Product.

  • Build trustworthy solutions for individuals and businesses.
Why it named as Izzard Tech ?

Izzardtech is named after an Izzard, which means an alphabetical “Z”(last letter of english alphabets) and short form of technology as Tech.
Z has been chosen in terms of considering “The end results” of solutions we provide. Also the reason our logo shaped with Z and Sfor solutions.

Our Core Values

Our Culture