Senior Flutter Developer

At IZZARDTECH Solutions, we are looking for a talented and skilled experts to augment the existing and new Projects.

Expected Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Familiar with tools like Android Studio, API testing tools Postman, Logcat, SQLite browser, Debugging, XCode(For iOS release).
  • Good at debugging – everything about debugger tool, Write few lines of codes is not a big deal but to debug them is a big deal. If someone is good at debugging he is a good developer.
  • Version Control – Every project need to manage with git and it will help to develop and deliver working software at the end of each Revision using Agile methodologies.
  • Code guidelines like naming convention, write comment, not creating lots of object, using constant string in xml, JSON, etc. Follow the best practices while developing the app and also keeping everything structured and well documented.
  • Third party library : There are some popular flutter library you must familiar about and .


  • Knowledge about flutter designs and architecture.
  • At least 1 year of experience in flutter development and dart fundamentals.
  • Previous experience building native Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • Published to App Store and Play Store will be a plus point.

High Preference

  • Experience or practice about git & Continuous Integration, this would be the plus point.
  • Knowledge about App store optimization would be favorable.

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